The prices don't include shipping, because the prices varies from country to country and for different wheights. When you make a payment for some parts, you will have to pay for the shipping in a different payment, you will receive an invoice for shipping in 24-48 hours.

Orders are processed in 1-2 days. If the part is out of stock, you will be contacted and informed about the date when the part will be back in stock and if you choose to, you will get a refund. Using paypal you have the guarantee that you can't loose your money.

Shipping time varies from country to country, we use the cheappest shipping method but this method takes the longest time (except the pick up option available only in some EU cities), you can choose for a faster shipping method (you will be informed about prices). Standard shipping takes less that 2 weeks inside the European Union and can take up to 6 weeks outside the European Union.

You can check the shipping prices here

To identify the correct parts we will request the vin (vehicle identification number - VIN). This consists of 17 alphanumeric characters. Any parts ordered are verified with a special program. This number is necessary especially for cases where the automaker at least two variants used for a part. Any part of an automobile component has a code attached home (OE code), which is used for offering equivalent to the original parts aftermarket versions.